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Fuel panic buyers branded ‘greedy’ amid queues at pumps over shortage fears

Scores of motorists are queuing for petrol as panic buying gripped the West Midlands through fears of fuel shortages – but some labelled them “greedy.”

A procession of vehicles were spotted waiting at a succession of petrol stations in Birmingham, including Asda in Hall Green and Tesco in Yardley.

Cars also snaked around the corner of the Morrisons petrol station in Rubery. Drivers eager to fill up their tanks were captured on camera as a degree of panic buying set in – but one driver branded them “greedy.”

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“It’s always the same, panic buying in one part of the country spreads across the nation,” a lorry driver said.

Fuel panic buyers branded 'greedy' amid queues at pumps over shortage fears
Queues at the petrol station at Esso in Codsall.

“It doesn’t need to be like this. There will be plenty to go around after a day or so. I feel sorry for the people who really need fuel to get to somewhere, unlike others who are being greedy and taking it all.”

Customers have been told to avoid panic buying supplies as a shortage of HGV drivers threatens the supply chain.

Warnings that 100,000 HGV drivers were needed across the industry has led to pressure on ministers to urgently ease immigration rules.

Elsewhere in the city, disappointed drivers were seen driving through a BP station without any fuel on Longbridge Lane, in Longbridge.

While petrol pump handles were covered and cones were laid out at another empty BP station in Kings Norton.

Fuel panic buyers branded 'greedy' amid queues at pumps over shortage fears
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A petrol station worker said: “We don’t know when we’re getting fuel back in. No-one can tell us as they don’t know.”

A driver queuing to get into the Tesco station at Yardley told BirminghamLive: “The pumps are busy. People are not just putting a tenner in, they are properly filling up.”

Queues were seen at the petrol station at Asda Minworth and at the petrol station at Blackheath Sainsbury’s.

Another driver at an Esso station in Codsall, south Staffordshire, said panic buying was human nature – but that did not make it right.

The motorist, who only wanted to be known as Wendy, said: “I always run the engine right down and only have eight miles left so that’s why I’m here.

“I think people are panic buying but it’s like everything, they say that there’s a food shortage but if you go to the big supermarkets there’s stuff there. People read that others are panic buying and do the same.”

Another driver, who wanted to remain anonymous, added: “It’s the only petrol station in the village so is always busy. I’m from Perton but it was rammed there so thought I’d try here instead.”

The Armed Forces could be brought in to help deliver fuel as petrol stations have been forced to close due to the lack of HGV drivers.

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