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Giles Coren’s wife, net worth and surprising connection to Pointless star

Giles Coren and Masterchef judge Monica Galetti are back on screens with a new series of Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby on BBC Two.

In tonight’s episode, Giles and Monica visit the ION Adventure Hotel in Iceland, a design hotel levitating out from a dormant volcano that promises guests the adventure of a lifetime, including exploring lava flows and glaciers.

During their visit to the minimalist hotel, the pair will walk beneath a glacier and try out snorkelling in icy water between tectonic plates, all while learning how to keep hotel guests safe on an erupting volcano.

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So is Giles Coren married and where have you seen the BBC Amazing Hotels co-host before? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Giles Coren and who does he write for?

Giles Coren is a columnist, food writer and television and radio presenter.

He has written for publications including The Times, Tatler, GQ and Esquire, and has authored a number of novels and non-fiction books, including Winkler, a 2005 novel containing a section that won the Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Award.

Giles also has his fair share of famous relatives, including sister Victoria Coren Mitchell, BBC Only Connect presenter and wife of comedian and Peep Show actor David Mitchell.

What is Giles Coren’s net worth?

Giles Coren’s exact net worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be somewhere between £750,000 and £3.7 million.

The author and presenter has built much of his fortune through his regular writing work, as well as his appearances on shows like The Supersizers, Million Dollar Critic and 500 Questions.

Who is Giles Coren married to and how is he related to Alexander Armstrong?

Giles Coren met his wife Esther Walker, a journalist, food blogger and author, in 2007 and the pair have two children together.

The Amazing Hotels presenter is related to actor, comedian and Pointless quiz master Alexander Armstrong by marriage.

Giles’ wife Esther happens to be the sister of Hannah Bronwen Snow, Alexander Armstrong’s events organiser wife, making Alexander and Giles brothers-in-law.

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC Two

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