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Glasgow faces mass COP26 protest as thousands expected to march through city

Glasgow faces a mass street protest during the COP26 conference with thousands expected to demand global leaders take firm action on the climate crisis.

The Global Day of Action will see marches take place simultaneously across London, Manchester and several other cities – but the biggest gathering is expected in Scotland.

Around 200 world leaders including US President Joe Biden are expected to arrive on Clydeside in early November for the international climate conference at the SEC.

A coalition of trade unions, charities and activists are now calling on members of the public to join them on November 6, with marchers gathering in Kelvingrove Park at noon before proceeding to Glasgow Green.

Stuart Graham, a co-organiser of the march, said: “Glasgow has a proud history of working class resistance.

“From the Red Clydesiders of 100 years ago, the Upper Clydeside Shipbuilders work-in of 50 years ago, to 2021’s Kenmure Street action which resisted UK Home Office dawn raids, this is a city which is not afraid to take on the establishment.”

Graham, a member of Glasgow Trade Union Congress, added: “This November, climate activists will stand shoulder to shoulder with trade unionists, community groups, anti-poverty and anti-racist campaigners and the rest of civil society to demand climate justice.”

Quan Nguyen from the COP26 Coalition said: “The decisions made at COP26 will shape how governments respond, or not, to the climate crisis. They will decide who is to be sacrificed, who will escape and who will make a profit.

“This conference is happening at a crucial moment in history. Across the world and across movements, we are seeing a new wave of resistance, global solidarity and grassroots organising.

“This November, we will take responsibility for our collective wellbeing by putting in place COVID-19 precautions so we can safely take to the streets and demand real action on climate change be taken at COP26.

“This is a unique opportunity to rewire our system as we recover from the pandemic.

“We can either intensify the crisis to the point of no return, or lay the foundations for a just world where everyone’s needs are met.”

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