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Grangemouth’s Royal British Legion given green light to keep beer garden

Grangemouth ’s Royal British Legion Scotland club has been given permission to make its expanded beer garden a permanent feature of the premises.

Other slight changes to its licence will also allow the club at 4 Dundas Street, Grangemouth to cater more for conferences and functions and make it easier to let community groups have use of the venue.

Members of Falkirk Council’s licensing board heard the club had been allowed to expand its beer garden during the pandemic – while hospitality venues could only serve alcohol outside – and there had been no issues with this.

Members also heard on Wednesday that the club was having to modernise its operations.

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Previously, while the club already had permission for lots of activities during core hours, they were increasingly finding that events were happening outwith those permitted times.

Members heard that the changes would allow the club to make maximum use of the club’s kitchen facilities for funerals and other functions – and also allow them to make hot meals for veterans groups.

The club was also allowed to extend the hours children could be on the premises so they could stay at parties without their parents or carers having to worry about leaving early.

Councillor Robert Bissett thanked the club for its good work helping veterans and remembering the fallen.

He added: “It does seem like this is an adapt and survive strategy, like a lot of places are having to change to keep going, so I commend them for it.”

Convener Niall Coleman said it was an example of a business changing with the times and, with the support of all members, he was happy to grant the application.

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