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Hammer-wielding thug tells cyclist: ‘I’m having your bike’ in towpath terror

A spanner-wielding thug told a cyclist: “I’m having your bike” as the victim rode on a canal towpath.

Rider Lee Martin, aged 43 and from Acocks Green, was confronted by armed thieves near Ackers Adventure on Golden Hillock Road, Small Heath, at around 5pm on Saturday, September 4.

The Sheldon supermarket worker said one of them brandished a spanner before they fled with his bike. He initially thought two men were involved but said he later saw another four.

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Lee told BirminghamLive: “Some guy jumped straight into my path. He grabbed hold of my bike bars and yelled: ‘I’m having your bike!’ I replied: ‘You need to get out my way now!’

The bike that was stolen from Lee

“Someone from behind me took a swing at me and then lifted the bike up and it fell to the ground. The guy in front of me pulled out a heavy duty spanner with a swinging action.”

He gave chase but wisely pulled back when he realised other accomplices were involved.

Lee went on: “I stepped back and I thought: ‘It’s not worth it’. They legged it up a bridge and I ran up after them and saw four more men. At that point I walked away from the area.”

After the attack, which lasted two to three minutes, Lee was left with bruising at the bottom of his left leg. He reported the attack to the police.

He said: “My worry is that someone could be violently attacked and they don’t realise when to stop and back off.

“I had some anxiety at work and going out and about with people after what happened.”

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “We conducted a search with the victim for sightings of the offenders and the bike, before taking him home. Our enquiries are on-going.”

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