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Heartbroken Scots mum says daughter was ‘driven to suicide’ by abusive ex

The heartbroken mum of a 24-year-old woman who died in hospital days after she attempted to take her own life believes her daughter was “driven to suicide” by her former partner.

Dawson McAllister was due to stand trial at Dumfries Sheriff Court on Friday accused of a lengthy charge of abusive behaviour against Marley McCulloch but pleaded guilty at the last minute.

McAllister, 22, formerly of Castle Douglas and now living in Dumfries, will be sentenced next month.

Afterwards, devastated Rochelle Gray claimed Marley had “had enough of the treatment she received at the hands of McAllister and couldn’t take any more”.

She added: “For months he has denied everything and put us through the agony of thinking we were going to need to give evidence against him in court.

“I’m relieved he’s finally held up his hands and admitted it.

“It doesn’t bring Marley back but at least everyone will now know what kind of person he is.

“I believe she was driven to suicide by him and we will never forgive him.

“Marley didn’t deserve any of this. She didn’t get the chance to get married or have children.

“She’s been robbed of all that and I truly believe it’s all because of him.”

McAllister admitted that between June 9, 2019, and February 24 this year, at Barkerland Avenue in Dumfries, Marle Place in Castle Douglas and elsewhere in the region, he engaged in a course of behaviour which was abusive of Marley in that he shouted and swore at her, controlled her use of her car, made threats towards her and continually made abusive and derogatory remarks to her.

He also admitted that on July 29, 2019, at Marle Place he shouted, acted aggressively towards her, locked her in a flat and refused to allow her to leave and made threats towards her family.

McAllister further admitted that during the month of August, 2019, he broke bail conditions requiring him to refrain from contacting Marley by doing so through Snapchat.

And on an occasion between February 14 and 23 this year McAllister screamed and shouted at her in a property on Balmoral Avenue, Dumfries, contrary to the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 Section 1.

Sentence was deferred until September 21 for a criminal justice social work report to be prepared.

Distraught Rochelle said Marley had moved back to Dumfries from Castle Douglas last December after splitting up with McAllister.

But she received a call on February 24 telling her Marley was in hospital following an attempt at taking her own life.

Despite the best efforts of staff, she died on March 2.

Marley had signed up to be an organ donor and her kidneys, liver and pancreas saved the lives of three men.

Rochelle said: “For so many years it was just me, Marley and my son Kyle. Now there’s just two of us. I’ll never come to terms with losing her.”

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