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ITV I’m A Celebrity fans take definitive side as argument erupts

ITV I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! stars Naughty Boy and Adam Woodyatt were embroiled in a fierce spat tonight.

The ITV I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! pair kicked off over chores as a row erupted in the castle.

“You made me feel bad about not doing the chores,” Naughty Boy, real name Shahid Khan, told the BBC EastEnders star.

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The music producer added: “I genuinely didn’t sleep last night.”

Adam asked Naughty to “start again” and said he wanted the spat to end.

“He’s a sensitive, spiritual soul,” said Danny Miller, stepping in, adding: “He needs an arm around him.”

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dam told the cameras: “I got up this morning, I think I was first one up. I’m on cleaning duty – I share with Naughty; except he was in bed.

“I just cracked on and did everything except the privy.”

He then added: “Seriously, Naughty’s going to wake up and there’s going to be nothing for him to do. He might as well stay in bed all day. Oh, he is…

“Being in here, it does magnify things. It does affect your reactions to things and simple tasks. Especially when the person you’re supposed to be doing them with is in bed.”

Martini wrote: “I’m with Adam on this one. Also I have no patience. #ImACeleb”

“Adams a good bloke. Hope he wins. #ImACeleb,” Gary reckoned.

Andrew wrote: “Seriously wtf goes through Naughty Boy’s head ??? With one thing left for him to do surely he’d just do it so there’s less for Adam to moan at him about ??? Adam’s absolutely right in what he’s saying though “

Heln added: “Definitely Team Adam!! I’m a big sleeper (chronic fatigue is a joy to live with) but even I get the principle that you get up and do what is needed for others *then* go have your lengthy nap!”

“Good on Adam for just starting it himself though rather than going and getting him out of bed,” Dyl said.

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