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ITV I’m A Celebrity viewers call for permanent change to show

I’m A Celebrity viewers have called for a permanent change to the show after branding episodes “boring”.

Ant and Dec were back at the helm of the hit ITV show on Thursday night (December 2) as Naughty Boy and Frankie Bridge took part in Castle Scary-oke, singing songs as they were covered in gunge and critters and then downing disgusting drinks.

The music producer has been voted in to do most of the trials since the show began and is set to take on another trial tomorrow night with Olympic medallist Matty Lee.

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Now viewers have called on producers to change the rules around how celebrities are picked for the Bushtucker trials.

They complained the show had become “boring” since Naughty Boy was being voted for all of the challenges.

Karen said: “I think when someone has done a trial, they should be exempt the following night. Gets a bit boring watching the same person night after night #ImACeleb”

Jojo agreed: “They need to change the way they allocate trials . I want to see other people doing trials . Agree it is boring and a shame for #naughtyboy who is doing so well #ImACeleb @itvimacelebrity”

Bren wrote: “I have been saying for years, if someone does trial today, they can not be voted for to do tomorrow’s trial. This stops the show getting boring and gives more celebs a chance #imaceleb @ITV”

Grianne added: “There should be some sorta limit to how many 1 person can do so everyone gets a go #ImACeleb”

Gary said: “#ImACeleb #imacelebrity Think we need to make some of the other celebs earn their high salaries now with doing some trials, not voting for naughty boy anymore and didn’t yesterday or tonight. Kadeena could be funny.”

Rosie wrote: “ImACeleb come on change the record. Naughty boy doing it again want to see someone else do it!!”

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