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ITV Loose Women watchers urge star to go see a doctor after ‘wetting herself’

Loose Women fans have urged star Linda Robson to go see a doctor after admitting that she wet herself on holiday.

During the most recent episode, the former Birds of a Feather star appeared on the ITV show and told of her little accident that she had while on holiday in Portugal.

Linda opened up about the incident on Loose Women which resulted in some people being concerned and told her to go see a doctor.

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She said: “I’ve been to Portugal, with my friend Lesley Joseph. We did parasailing, go-karts, cooking and swimming. We did everything.

“And we did a water park, it was so lovely just getting away from you lot! It’s for a show that’s coming early next year. It was 19 days away.”

She then admitted: “I had a bit of an accident.

“We all got on a rubber dingy down a water slide. When it got to the top of the wall, I couldn’t hold on any longer and so when we got to the bottom the dingy landed on top of me along with three other people.

“I actually wet myself!”

Her announcement had viewers rushing to Twitter to share their concern. One fan wrote: “Why does Linda keep telling people she wets herself? She needs to see the GP #LooseWomen.”

Another commented: “She seems to think it’s hilarious.”

A third penned: “She thinks she’s hilarious. Just messy.”

It’s not the first time the actress has been open and honest on the show. In July she claimed she forgot about her contraceptive coil and left it in for 25 years.

She admitted she had to go through a painful procedure to remove the device after it became embedded in her body.

“I just forgot,” she explained.

“I went to the hospital, the gynaecologist was trying to get rid of the coil, they were digging away… he did it twice and said, ‘You’ll have to come back and have a procedure.”

“Third time, it really hurt,” she continued, “but he got it and I was just so relieved I didn’t have to have a procedure done. I think a lot of people forget they have the coil.”

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