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ITV This Morning under fire over nutritionist’s controversial diet advice

This Morning has been slammed by horrified fans after promoting a 500-calorie-a-day fasting diet.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield introduced the segment, as they grilled a nutitionist over video link.

The ITV This Morning segment saw Gabriela Peacock say: “I love intermittent fasting, it means restrictive calorie intake for three non-consecutive days a week, it’s not about starving yourself – it’s just restricting your calories.”

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She then shared: “It is definitely doable, you don’t really fast – you’re just restricting yourself. It makes the body resilient, it’s incredibly healthy, has numerous health benefits, and is very sustainable.”

Lizzie Collins wrote: “Why are This Morning advertising low calorie diets AGAIN”

“Body positivity over dodgy diets anyday #thismorning,” wrote J B Fletcher.

Libby wrote: “Your ‘September Body Overhaul’ segment was tone deaf to the current rise of Eating Disorders during pandemic. Yr guest promoted a dangerously restrictive diet; highly triggering for those recovered from/susceptible to ED’s. Caveats should begin not end a segment.”

Killer Heels UK wrote: “don’t promote starvation diets! 500 calories a day for women is below EU guidelines! 800 calories a day is the legal EU minimum for a vlcd!”

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Jenny Hope fumed: “500 calories?!?! Really! A small child’s diet consists of more! Unbelievable that this rubbish is being promoted by anyone never mind on prime daytime television!! “

Chloe Wilson added: “recommending 500 calories etc…this isn’t long after the 800 calorie diet was also promoted during ED awareness week…stop this now it’s dangerous”

“hi, why are you promoting a 500 calorie diet. Are you actively trying to give people eating disorders?” asked Ellie Massey.

“Use this time to show people how toxic teas, pills, shakes super low cal, carb cutting diets need to get IN THE BIN,” wrote Alexandra.

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