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Lee Bowyer delivers verdict on Birmingham City defeat

Lee Bowyer spoke with the media following Birmingham City’s 3-0 loss to Peterborough.

He was far from downcast in his post-match press conference.

Overall reaction to a disappointing display?

We can’t come away from out strengths and today we did.

I just think the Wednesday, Saturday one is hard, it’s so hard on them and they had an extra day rest which it shows.

They were first to everything, every second ball, they were sharper.

They looked like they had that extra day and it told.

Did you get the balance of your team wrong?

We were a yard off everything, like every time we went to press we were just too late.

They played around us at times, even time there was a second ball they got there first.

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Everything that we’re good at, we couldn’t physically do and it wasn’t one or two, there was a lot of them, near on all of them.

That tells me that if it was one or two then maybe we’ve just had a bad day but when there’s as many as that, there’s a reason and that’s physically.

It’s just too much, it’s three games in one week, playing against a very, very good Fulham side on Wednesday, they can make five or six changes for today, we can’t.

What did you make of Gary Gardner’s sending off?

It was just an honest attempt to win the ball.

He overran it, I can understand why he went for it, but I’ve seen people sent off for the same thing so I can understand it.

There was no malice in it, he’s an honest lad and he’s just overran it in trying to win it back but didn’t.

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Did your side respond well enough to the early Peterborough goal?

They’re physically tired, mentally they’re tired too.

But second half I thought we came out and caused them problems, but all day just nothing went our way.

We couldn’t score in the first half, they keep it out and then go down the other end and get a penalty.

We could’ve made it one all, then seconds later they win a penalty to make It 2-0.

At half time we changed things around and again started better in the second half, I thought we started as the better team in the second half.

In the second half we made chances and caused them problems, but then someone makes a pass, hits one of our players on the heel, they break and score and it’s like, wow.

But if we score that next goal were in the game, but it just fight go our way for whatever reason, but you can’t make excuses, for me they were better than us today and they deserved to win.

Sanderson’s debut was a positive?

Robo (Marc Roberts) had a stomach problem, he said he felt it earlier in the game so we had to make that change and Dion comes on.

He’s had to be patient and done really well.

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Could you have dealt with Siriki Dembele’s threat better?

He was playing against one of the best right backs in the league.

On another day my right back, I believe will take care of Dembele because I have one of the best right backs and Dembele is a good player.

But my right back looked like he had nothing in him, for 10 minutes im asking him to move forward and overlap, he couldn’t move and it was only 10 minutes into the game.

That told me something and the fella is a machine, if Max can’t get forward and overlap then it’s down to physically.

Dembele played well and is a very good player, he’s good in tight areas and he can cause you problems, but I’d like to think that my right back would take care of him with an extra 24 hours break.

Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United scores from the penalty spot during the Sky Bet Championship match between Peterborough United and Birmingham City at London Road Stadium
Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United scores from the penalty spot during the Sky Bet Championship match between Peterborough United and Birmingham City at London Road Stadium

What did you make of Peterborough’s penalty?

It looked like a penalty, I’ve not seen it back but it looked like it from where I was.

It was a late lunge and I out it down to tiredness for me.

A word on the Blues fans?

I know what they bring from start to finish, I have to thank them for none stop singing, staying until the end.

The referee blows his whistle and they’re still singing as the players come off, that’s some doing that.

That’s passion for your football club and I know we have that in abundance with our fans.

I’ll apologise to our fans for that performances but we’ve had a lot of good performances in my time, that’s just one bad one and I think they’ll let us off on that one.

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What will you be working on next week?

Maybe some finishing, we’ll have to work on some finishing.

We work on it every week, so we need to relax and compose ourselves when we have those opportunities to slide it across to someone or score, but we have to make sure we make the right decisions as well.

Again, I think we created a fair few chances today, our shooting boots weren’t on.

Pretty much what we’ve been doing, our energy will be higher next week and that’s a big part of our game. What we need is that energy.

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