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MAFS UK viewers stunned as Morag reveals she knew Josh before the show

Married at First Sight UK viewers were left disappointed after Morag dropped a ‘bombshell’ on the show.

The latest episode of the hit E4 dating show saw the couple separate and go off for a dinner party with the other boys and girls, with gay groom Matt joining the girls.

But things turned tense as Morag revealed that Amy’s husband Josh had messaged her on Instagram “multiple times” before the show began.

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Morag said: “Amy I’m really sorry but there’s something I’m going to have to bring up today.

“And I didn’t want to bring it up because I didn’t want to plant the seed in someone else’s head and make them paranoid.

“I’m sorry it was going to come out at some point.”

She went on to reveal Josh had sent her “multiple messages” on Instagram and liked her photos.

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“Blondes aren’t even his type though,” a stunned Amy responded.

Morag continued: “I’m sorry I didn’t mention it, I didn’t want you to be worried. I told Luke from the off, however has Josh mentioned it to you? Has he been transparent has he been honest?

“I genuinely feel like he probably messaged a lot of girls, I just happened to be one of them.”

Amy said she felt like every time things were going good for her and Josh “someone throws a spanner in the works”.

“Hopefully that’s the last we hear of it,” she added.

Viewers of the show were disappointed with the “bombshell” though as they commented that Morag was just trying to create drama.

Natasha Guiotto wrote: “Morag, literally no one gives a s***. #MAFSUK”

Aimée said: “Please, for what possible reason was there even a point in Morag randomly announcing that? #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightuk”

kryssy added: “He probably doesn’t remember! He’s a young guy whose probably slid in many girls DMs!!!”

Wayne Madden wrote: “Is that it? I thought Morag and Josh would’ve slept together… That’s just shit stirring love… what’s wrong here? What have I missed? #MAFSUK”

J said: “So that’s it? That was Morag’s bombshell? #MAFSUK”

Samantha added: “How disappointing.”

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