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Married at First Sight star slams controversial new format

A Married at First Sight star has told BlackCountryLive that the show’s new format will attract people seeking for fame rather than looking for ‘true love’.

David Pugh appeared on the show last year, where he wed Shareen Green.

The ill-fated partnership ended after just two days after self-confessed ‘prepper’ David presented Shareen with a survival kit.

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David, who lives in Solihull, has tuned into the new series of the Channel 4 show, and slams the lack of commitment in the new format.

“It doesn’t feel quite as serious, they’ve gone for more drama,” the 58-year-old said. “It’s less about a chance at love and more about trying to make a career. A lot of them have only been single for a short time and they are quite young.

“We truly got married on our series and had to have a proper divorce whereas now, they just have a commitment ceremony.”

The popular show’s new series follows its Australian counterpart’s format where the couples socialise and live together throughout filming.

Shareen and David were put together by matchmakers on the show

David said: “In my season, all of us just wanted to meet the perfect partner and didn’t expect anything after the show.

“It is very much like the Australian show now which people made a lot of money from and went on to be super successful. We all went back to our day jobs, but these seem to want fame.

“I felt ours told our back stories better and was caring and nurturing.

“As a viewer, I think it will make for good TV – it’s an interesting format and there’s much more episodes.”

David has advised those currently on the show to give their new partners a chance.

The company director said: “Everyone has pre-conceived ideas on what they want in a partner, but you have to trust the matchmakers

“If you give it a chance, you might surprise yourself.”

He went on to warn contestants that anything captured by the show’s producers might stick with them.

“They film an awful lot so any comment you make out of turn will haunt you,” he said.

“Morag had an idea in her head of what she wanted, but I think she’s warming to Luke now.

“What she got wasn’t what she usually went for but what she previously went for had never worked,” he added.

David’s own chance of love on the show was quickly squashed after he presented his new bride with a survival kit.

David Pugh is a self confessed 'prepper'
David Pugh is a self confessed ‘prepper’

The gift went down like a lead balloon and the couple split after just two days.

Self-confessed prepper David doesn’t regret his actions however and said prepping is more popular than ever after the coronavirus pandemic.

“I started prepping when I was twenty and traveling around Australia. I ran out of supplies and encountered a dingo which made me realise that I needed some methods of self defence,” he said.

“When I was on Married at First Sight, I gave an emergency bag to Shareen and she didn’t like it. But she had some masks and hand gel from me which she didn’t know would be so useful!” he joked.

David, who hasn’t spoken to ex-wife Shareen since the show, said prepping helped to prepare him for lockdown.

He said: “I had plenty of food, water and toilet roll so managed to help people with supplies when they couldn’t get any during the first lockdown.

“You can’t rely on the shops always having food. It’s a lot more mainstream now for people to be prepared for when things go bad.

“Brexit has caused a big problem. With prepping, there are a lot of foods that last a long time so it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to have months’ worth of supplies.”

David met partner Matea when she contacted him after seeing the show
David met partner Matea when she contacted him after seeing the show

David, who made headlines when he fought off machete wielding burglars last year, wrote a book about prepping which he says was a big tick off his bucket list.

After seeing him on the show, David’s now partner Matea contacted him and they have been together ever since.

“I didn’t find love how I thought I would on the show, but now I’m blissfully happy,” he said.

“She’s my perfect match,” he added.

You can buy David’s book on Amazon here.

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