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Married at First Sight UK expert reveals how participants are matched after show flooded with complaints

Married At First Sight UK expert Paul Carrick Brunson has hit back at complaints over the matchmaking on the new series of the show.

The series kicked off on Bank Holiday Monday with the weddings of Nikita and Ant and Megan and Rob.

And it was Morag and Luke and the show’s first gay couple Matt and Daniel’s turn at the altar in the second episode.

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But the show was flooded with complaints over the matchmaking of one couple in particular.

Morag and Luke seemed an unlikely pairing, especially after they both admitted they wanted completely different things from life.

After their vows, they hit another big milestone at their wedding reception as they discussed if they both wanted children.

At their reception, fireman and children’s home manager Luke said: “Morag not wanting to have kids, it upset me. I’m a family man, I want kids. I’ve always wanted to be a dad.”

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In a separate interview, Morag said: “I think he was shocked but I’m happy the kid conversation came up so soon.”

Viewers soon rushed to Twitter to complain about the match.

One wrote: “Why have the matchmakers matched Morag & Luke, he wants kids,she doesnt ??”

A second said: “#Morag and #Luke have been matched up by the “experts”, despite the fact that Luke definitely wants to have kids and Morag absolutely does NOT. Lost respect for the #matchmakers. Not cool to set up a couple that are doomed to fail.”

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A third added: “Catching up on last night’s #mafsuk how can the experts get it so wrong with Morag and Luke? Kids vs no kids?”

A fourth wrote: “Why the hell did they put Morag and Luke together? #MAFSUK”

And a fifth said: “Wait why did they pair Morag and Luke if Morag doesn’t want kids. This is a stupid match, the professionals f***** up here.”

But expert Paul Carrick Brunson hit out at the comments and said that a contestants desire to have children is “high on the matching list”.

In a series of tweets he said: “A desire for children is taken into account. If you see a mismatch in this category it could be b/c someone hasn’t fully disclosed their position yet.”

He later tweeted: “The topic of the desire for children will come back later in the series. That’s all I can say at the moment.”

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