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Mum divides everybody with controversial policy for kids paying rent

A mum has asked if she is unreasonable for saying she’ll never charge her adult kids rent.

After her post on Mumsnet, it emerged everybody was divided by her post – and not everyone supports her.

She wrote : “I have a few friends who charge their adult DC rent to live at home.

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“I personally find this very strange, no matter their age my children will always be my children and welcome in my home without any expectation of money.

“I think aswell with it being so hard for young people to get on the housing ladder these days one of the only ways they can is to live at home rent free so they can save for a deposit.”

Lady Again replied: “It is important that these young adults pay their way. I’d be charging rent and putting it away to assist towards their deposit.”

Another replied: “That’s all very well if you’re wealthy. We aren’t. So our adult dc who lives at home can’t live here for free!!! Why should we fully support another adult when struggling ourselves ?”

And another commented: “I wouldn’t charge rent, and I know my parents wouldn’t have either (I moved out at 18 so it doesn’t really matter). But if they were living with me as adults I would expect them to have some sort of plan for moving on I.e. to be saving for a house deposit.”

While another said: “Well because they are adults and contributing to the home is an adult responsibility unlike children. Not all families can afford to cover bills/food for their adult children, so if they’re earning asking for a contribution isn’t a huge scandal. And in most cases it’s still less than market rent etc so you can still put a decent chunk away if working etc”

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