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Mum left ‘tearing up’ after young lad’s sweet gesture during family dinner

A young mum was left with tears in her eyes after a little boy’s sweet gesture whilst her family were out for dinner.

Sophie Crehan, 24, visited Lymewood Farm Restaurant in Haydock village on Sunday, September 19.

She had taken out her kids, George, five and Florence, two, for a roast dinner as a treat for the weekend.

Sophie, from St Helens, told the Liverpool Echo : “They have a little children’s play area in there. I was on the grabbing machines and I was trying to win my little girl this pink and purple teddy that she really wanted.

“I had a go three times but failed – I just couldn’t do it.

“There was a little boy stood next to me watching me do it. I said ‘it’s your turn now, you can have a go’.

“I came back to the table to eat my dinner and shortly after the little boy came over and said ‘I’ve just won it for your little girl’.

“I said ‘you don’t need to do that’ and he said ‘no no, I’ve won it’.

“I was nearly in tears it was such a nice thing to do.”

The boy, who Sophie said was around 10 years old, presented her daughter, Florence, with the cute purple and pink cuddly toy.

Sophie said: “She was saying, ‘thank you, thank you!’

“I saw him go back to his table where he was sat. I took £2 out of my purse and went and give it to him and said ‘thanks very much’.

“His parents were like, ‘what’s happened?’ So I explained what had happened and said ‘he’s a lovely little boy’.”

She added: “My little girl is only two and she really wanted it. And if she didn’t get something all hell would have broke lose.

“She even took it bed with her last night to cuddle it.”

After Sophie posted about the act of kindness on a St Helen’s Facebook group, it received over a thousand likes with many people commenting on the boy’s sweet gesture.

A woman posted: “How kind of this little boy to do this. So cute and caring of him, well done to boy and bet your little girl was so made up too xx”.

Another woman said: “What a lovely thing to do…well done young man…a son to be proud of.”

While another person posted: “What a beautiful gesture, you are a wonderful, loving boy, that is a very kind thing to do xx”.

Posting a photo of the cuddly toy to the group, Sophie said: “Hopefully his parents will see this and be proud of this young boy, he was so polite and made my daughters day so THANK YOU very much you have a wonderful son.”

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