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Mum still tortured by screams of daughter who recorded boyfriend killing her

The heartbroken mum of a woman who was stabbed 30 times and ran over by her own boyfriend says she still tortured by her daughter’s terrified screams for help.

Lauren Bloomer, 25, was killed by her partner Jake Notman, 28, in a brutal assault while he was experiencing a psychotic episode at their home in Tamworth, Straffordshire on November 20 last year.

The university student recorded the horrific ordeal when she attempted to contact relatives of her boyfriend – who had eaten a weed brownie – begging for help as he began viciously attacking her in their house and later out on the street.

Notman was sentenced yesterday, November 24, at Stafford Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter part way through his trial.

Miss Deborah Gould, junior prosecutor for the Crown, read out a victim impact statement to the court from Miss Bloomer’s family before he was jailed.

The heartbreaking victim impact statement, from Miss Bloomer’s mother, said: “Lauren was our world, she was the cement that held us together.

“The guiding voice of excitement with Halloween and Christmas, a truly talented artist and creator of pranks and all-round fun. Her laugh was so loud and contagious.

“The colours have truly drained from our world.

“I feel I need to be strong for so many people, when all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and cry but I’m frightened I’ll never stop or get up again.

“The horror of hearing you scream for help replays over and over in my mind.

“I feel physically sick thinking of the pain and terror you must have felt while you fought and pleaded for your life as he knelt over you screaming obscenities.

“Everyday doing nothing is exhausting and I feel so ashamed that I’m not able to get back to some normality.”

Notman was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court eight years and eight months in jail.

That plea was accepted by The Crown – who initially claimed Notman intended to kill Miss Bloomer – after evidence from psychiatrists was examined in further detail and indicated there would be no realistic prospect of a conviction for the charge because he suffered a psychotic episode during the attack.

Notman will be eligible for release on license from prison two-thirds into his sentence, which will be in five years and nine months time.

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