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Mum struggling with crying baby blown away by shop owner’s act of kindness

A mum-of-two forced to feed her baby outside after finding nowhere else to go was ‘ushered’ into a cake shop by a kind-hearted owner.

Alice McHugh had visited Lancaster city centre to do some shopping after a hospital appointment earlier in the day.

However, her four-month-old daughter Imogen “had other ideas” and soon started crying to be fed, according to Lancs Live.

Seeing no benches available, the 35-year-old was left with no other option but to bottle feed her baby from her car seat.

Although there were cafes close by, Alice said she “wasn’t confident enough” to go in alone with her hungry child.

“Whether or not they are,” Alice said, “you feel like people are staring at you when the baby is crying”.

When it comes to feeding places in Lancaster, Alice said there is only one made for parent and baby which is in the Marketgate toilets feeding room.

As Alice got baby Imogen out of the seat to be winded, Beca Russell of Russell’s Celebration Cakes, “ushered” Alice and baby Imogen into her shop and had them sit down to feed, bringing Alice a cup of tea too.

Beca Russell, left, “ushered” Alice, right, and baby Imogen into her shop and had them sit down to feed, bringing Alice a cup of tea too.

Alice said that the random act of kindness “makes such a difference” for mum’s who aren’t sure where they can go to feed without feeling like a “nuisance”.

On Friday (November 19) Alice shared a “small business shout out” to the Totally Local Lancaster Facebook Group thanking Russell’s Celebration Cakes for the act of kindness.

The post received over 500 likes, with many praising Russell’s Celebration Cakes for offering “a nice comfortable warm place” for the mum-of-two.

Russell’s Celebration Cakes opened in June this year.

They provide celebration cakes for all occasions, as well as Grab n Go cakes, tea and coffee.

Beca said: “Being a mum myself and seeing her out there with the baby crying I thought, I just can’t leave her. I just got her in and gave her a brew.”

She added that seeing the post on “shout out” on Facebook was “really nice” and the response to it even made her feel “overwhelmed”.

“I think people are quick to use social media when something goes wrong or to complain,” she said, “but seeing it for a shout out like that, or a nice review, its really nice.”

She added that the support shown in the response to Alice’s post meant a lot to her, as she always goes “the extra mile” for her customers, whether they’ve been let down elsewhere or need a last minute wedding bake.

Beca said that ushering Alice and Imogen into her shop has raised a “bigger issue” about the amount of feeding facilities in the City Centre.

She also pointed out the Marketgate feeding point and added that it often gets “busy” in there too.

“It’s stressful,” she said. “You get worried about being told to bugger off, but mums should be welcomed in to feed their babies.

“I think more independents should offer to jump in for mums because you do feel like you’re being a nuisance.”

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