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Mum who lost newborn baby text husband ‘they’re going to let her die’

A pair of devastated parents have tragically lost their newborn baby – as a hospital begins an investigation.

The heartbroken mum and dad, Donna and Nathan Lea, have walked out with a memory box and a teddy – instead of their daughter.

At one point she even text her partner to say : “They’re going to let my baby die.”

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Royal Stoke University Hospital has launched an investigation into Donna’s care and Addison’s death.

Donna – who has three other children – told StokeonTrentLive: “I want them to make changes and make sure the patient is listened to. I know if I was listened to my daughter would still be alive.

“Nothing will bring my baby back. I don’t want another person to be ignored and to be in the same predicament as me.

“I am devastated and I want to sleep all the time. I walked out with a box and a teddy – not my daughter.”

She added: “On Monday they sent me back down to the ward where I was showing every sign of infection.

“They gave me strict instructions that if I had a temperature or any contractions or I was sick I was to be taken back upstairs.

“I was completely ignored. I begged to get put back on the monitor. I was sick and it was put down to me not having anything to eat.

“I was showing signs of tachycardia. I was having contractions that were two minutes apart.

“In the space of six hours every possible sign was ignored.

“Addison was still inside. By the time they put me on the monitor at 6.10pm her heart rate was at 200 and my temperature was 38.

“At 1pm I texted my partner and said they are going to let my baby die. By 12am that night my daughter was dead.”

She added: “She was always well. I’d been to see the midwife and everything was fine. She was three pounds and five ounces. I should’ve been walking out with her. She was perfect in every way.

“I had to have a C-section and I split it open as I was screaming. Once I had her they wanted me to go to intensive care but I refused.

“We feel like I was completely fobbed off. They need to learn to listen. I told them my daughter hadn’t moved on four occasions over four hours. They said it’s because I am anxious.

“The care I had beforehand was spot on but I was let down. Everyday is a struggle now.”

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Nathan, aged 30, added: “I was broken and gutted. I could’ve lost both of them. I’m lucky Donna is still here.

“They should’ve taken my baby out when she said. She knows her own body and when something is wrong.

“She told them and they ignored her.”

The University Hospital of North Midlands confirmed an investigation has been launched into Addison’s death.

Medical director John Oxtoby said: “I would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family of Addison Lea Stevenson.

“It is always our aim to deliver the highest standards of care possible and have launched a full investigation into Addison’s care.

“Once this investigation is complete we will share the findings with Ms Lea as swiftly as possible.”

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