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Nicola Sturgeon announces free childcare plan for lowest income families

Nicola Sturgeon has announced her plans to ensure that school children from the lowest incomes in Scotland are given free access to childcare.

Under the First Minister ‘s plans school age kids will have childcare paid for before and after and over the holidays.

It comes as the SNP leader is set to unveil her Programme for Government to the Scottish Parliament later today.

Speaking ahead of the announcement Sturgeon said the childcare commitment will remove the costs for parents and carers as they enter work, training or study.

The announcement is part of the government’s new vision for health and social care services across the country.

The Programme for Government announcement comes after a power-sharing deal was struck with the Scottish Greens, giving that party two junior ministers in the government.

Speaking at Indigo out of school care in Castlemilk, Sturgeon said: “Over the last 18 months, the world, and our own individual places within it, have changed immeasurably. While the pandemic may have defined our lives for those dark and difficult months, our Programme for Government looks to secure a brighter and fairer future for Scotland.

“That means prioritising the recovery of our precious health and social care services – rebuilding capacity, and establishing a new form of care which people can access in a way, place and time which works for them.

“We know that children and young people have been negatively impacted by the pandemic and we are more determined than ever to help them flourish and reach their full potential.

“Our new system of wraparound childcare – providing children with access to a wide range of activities while enabling parents to have secure and stable employment – is just one example of how we’re making this happen.

“We will redouble efforts to tackle the inequalities that continue to blight our society – eradicating poverty and discrimination, and ensuring opportunity is never limited by economic or social circumstance.

“We will work to secure an economic recovery which is green and fair, and which delivers our ambition to become a net-zero nation.”

Sturgeon added that her government would secure a “green and fair” economic recovery.

“We will work to secure an economic recovery which is green and fair, and which delivers our ambition to become a net-zero nation,” she said.

“As we rebuild our society, we will ensure the sacrifices we have all made will find purpose in the fairer, more just, prosperous, and equal Scotland that we create in response.”

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