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Nurse condemns hundreds of anti-vaxx protesters in city centre as ‘shocking’

Many Brummies, including a nurse, condemned hundreds of anti-vaxxers as they gathered to protest in the city centre today.

Around 200 people waving banners against the Covid jab and lockdowns marched via Chamberlain Square to the front of Birmingham Library in Centenary Square during the afternoon.

Nurse Carmel O’Gorman spotted the protest while in the city centre and posted images of anti-vaxx campaigners.

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Responding to someone’s comment “how disappointing”, Carmel said: “I know, shocking. This individual is questioning what the pandemic is based upon, the government has no proof that a disease causing virus exists?”

The nurse, who is a midwife, said to Birmingham Live: “I am pro vaccine and would encourage everyone to have the covid-19 vaccination to protect against coronavirus.”

Protestors included one dressed as death and carrying a large vaccine and signs saying “save the children”.

Another protestor on the rally with a megaphone said: “Say no to lockdowns, say no to vaccines, say no to passports, say no to restrictions.”

Darren John tweeted: “How do people become sucked in by such obvious nonsense, stood outside a library, spouting conspiracies they’ve seen on YouTube.”

Other comments included: “the way these anti-vaxxers are holding their protest in Birmingham is actually disgusting”.

A protestor dressed as death at the anti vaccine rally in Birmingham

Another onlooker Ryan, who works in digital engagement and lives in the city centre, was appalled by the protest.

He said: “I find it frustrating that people in the protest use signs like “do some research or save the children”, when all of the research points towards empirical evidence that COVID-19 is a life threatening, transmissible virus and that taking the vaccine not only protects against the disease but also prevents transmission.

“If someone wants to find anti-COVID/anti-vax information, they will find it, but how reliable is that information?

Anti vaccine protesters in Birmingham city centre
Anti vaccine protesters in Birmingham city centre

“I trust factual, scientific peer-led qualitative evidence, not baseless anecdotal ramblings from those who have no knowledge of the subjects of which they speak.”

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