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Parking ‘mayhem’ warning over delivery business plan for square

Residents have warned schoolchildren could be at risk of “injuries or worse” as a result of increased traffic if a business is granted a licence.

Quick Commerce Ltd has applied for a premises licence for 6 and 7 Chad Square, Edgbaston – a shopping precinct in Hawthorne Road.

The site is intended to be used to stock goods to be sold and delivered 24 hours per day with orders made online or via app.

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But the application has been opposed by Cllr Deirdre Alden (Con, Edgbaston) and in seven letters of objection from residents.

Those objecting have listed congestion and noise fears as reasons a licensing sub-committee should turn down the application at a hearing tomorrow (Sept 9).

Cllr Alden said: “I am very concerned that such an operation will result in a number of delivery drivers taking up the limited car parking spaces in the private shoppers’ car park and maybe causing mayhem on the neighbouring roads of the estate which are all private roads owned by Calthorpe Estates and are not the public highway.

“I do not think therefore there will be adequate space for the delivery drivers this operation will attract, and question whether a small local shopping centre is the correct location for such an operation.

“Further there is likely to be noise nuisance and coming and going from what is going to be a 24-hour operation and there are flats above these shops, as well as other flats and houses very close by so the potential for noise disturbance through the night is great.”

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A resident who lives opposite the proposed site said: “The increased volume of traffic would be completely disproportionate with the area which already has parking problems for residents with the extra traffic wishing to park following the start of the Clean Air Zone.

“There is also the safety issue to be considered in addition to the health issues. Pedestrians cross the car park regularly.

“Also many children cross this area on their way to and from the many schools in this area, and they do not take into account that traffic uses the car park as it is, and this would, therefore, increase the possibility of more accidents taking place.

“There have been several near misses in the past, and this would increase if the proposed use of these premises is granted.”

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Another resident said: “There are a fair number of elderly people living in the surrounding blocks of flats who use the square for their local shopping, together with children from the local academy, so there is a significant risk that the increased traffic will end up causing injuries or worse to these two groups.”

Objectors have referred to the business as a “dark kitchen” with the potential for cooking smells – however the application mentions only convenience goods.

The application form filled out by the applicants states: “The premises will be stocked with convenience goods including alcohol for packaging and delivery to fulfil customer orders made online or via an app. There will be no customer access to the premises.”

The licensing meeting can be viewed on the city council’s committee meetings YouTube page from 10am tomorrow (Sept 9).

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