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Pregnant teenager who lived a ‘nightmare’ proves the haters wrong

A teenager who lived a ‘nightmare’ when she fell pregnant at the age of 14 has proved those who judged her wrong.

Lois McIntyre had her first child as a teenager and resided with her mum for the first 10 months after her relationship with her dad broke down.

Struggling to cope with conflicts at home and the separation from her partner, who lived with his own mother, Lois moved into her first council property at the age of 16, reports Liverpool Echo.

Now 24, she runs a successful Instagram platform and has proved those, who judged her for becoming a mum at such a young age, wrong.

Lois spoke out about her first night after she moved into a council house just her and her baby.

She said: “Oh, it was horrible. It was horrible. It was just like, it all just hit me at once.

“Obviously, I’d become a mum when I was young and then I’d had a bit of support from my mum. I was living in her house and I was doing the cleaning.

“I didn’t know the first thing about being a mum and then all of a sudden, I was in my own flat and I had this baby, and it was just horrible.

“I remember thinking, ‘How am I going to do this?'”

Lois said she had no idea how to set a budget or make her money stretch and has suffered with anxiety and depression, and previously with bulimia, which stems from when she was pregnant.

Lois McIntyre, 24, first got pregnant ten years ago. Now she has four children

Lois said: “I was walking around school heavily pregnant. I think my anxiety started there, because everyone had quite an opinion on me. I always wanted to prove everyone wrong.

“I think you hear the words, ‘young mum’, ‘ Liverpool ‘ and ‘council house’ in the same sentence, and you have this stereotype of what that person is going to be like.

“I always wanted to prove them wrong. Like I always remember everyone saying, ‘Oh, her mum will have that kid all the time’ or, ‘She won’t have nothing’, and it’s just totally different now.”

Ten years on Lois is a mum-of-four with her partner and now inspires other women with her home.

Her Instagram account – HomeLifeWithLois – shows photos of Lois’ glamorous home and her journey renovating it since the time when she ‘cried for about a month’ after first moving in.

Lois used to look at home accounts on the social media platform and felt ‘depressed’ and ‘jealous’ seeing expensive renovations.

Lois McIntyre's Huyton kitchen before she let her creativity loose
Lois McIntyre’s Huyton kitchen before she let her creativity loose

She said: “All these home accounts, they’re all big, fancy houses and they’re all mortgaged houses and brand new builds.”

The mum of three girls and one boy added: “I thought, ‘I wish my house was like that’, or ‘I wish I could afford to go out and buy things like that to make my house look like that’.

“I’ve come to realise that you don’t need to go out and buy a £2,000 kitchen and have it fitted. You can literally go and spend £30 and have a kitchen like that.”

Lois McIntyre, 24, made her kitchen look like a 'brand new fit' on a budget
Lois McIntyre, 24, made her kitchen look like a ‘brand new fit’ on a budget

Lois shares her advice on budget home makeovers and cleaning with her followers, who she says are mostly single mums.

She even does cleaning videos just to help take her mind of mental health problems, helping both herself and her audience in the process.

The account took off, gaining over 1,000 followers in two months.

Lois McIntyre's living room before a makeover
Lois McIntyre’s living room before a makeover

She added: “My house is just a little council house, and I think that’s why a lot of people relate to it, because it just goes to show that you don’t have to have a big house.

Lois McIntyre's living room after her budget makeover
Lois McIntyre’s living room after her budget makeover

“I think most of my followers are single mums and people who haven’t got quite a lot of money, and are trying to budget the stuff to have a nice house.

“You can go into my bathroom and it’s all tiles, but most of them are just stick-on tiles that cost me £10 off Amazon.

Ten years after getting pregnant at 14, Lois McIntyre, determined to prove everyone wrong, has a beautiful family in a home she is proud of
Ten years after getting pregnant at 14, Lois McIntyre, determined to prove everyone wrong, has a beautiful family in a home she is proud of

“So I think that’s how it originally took off when I was putting all the budget stuff on. It started getting shared and people were tagging people into it.

Now Lois has almost 8,000 followers, and she even gets messages from people who knew her as a pregnant 14-year-old.

Lois said: “A lot of people who I went to school with now follow me on my home account.

“Message requests are constantly packing all the time with people texting me saying they can’t believe how far I’ve come.

“They say, ‘Oh I remember you walking around school with your big pregnant belly, and now look at you’.”

The inspiring young woman added: “I’ve got four kids now, and I’m still with the same partner. We’ve been together for years.

“So it’s just nice to see that I’ve gone from this young mum, not having a clue about anything, to now being this hands-on mum who knows everything about anything.”

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