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Review: James Bond in Screen X at Cineworld

When it comes to characters, you will struggle to find a name more iconic than Bond, James Bond.

The latest, and final, instalment in Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the gentleman spy was released this week – postponed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

No Time to Die hit cinemas on September 30. BlackCountryLive were invited to experience the film at Screen X in the newly revamped Cineworld in Wolverhampton.

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Now, Screen X is something I hadn’t heard of before – so if you are in the same boat, it is when parts of the movie are wrapped around the sides of the screening room, immersing you in the action.

Scene from No Time to Die with Daniel Craig in his final outing as 007

This was great for the first establishing shot – Bond driving a car I could never afford down impossibly narrow, windy streets that seem to have no other vehicles on them.

I would like to see him attempt such a feat on the M6 in rush hour…

The only issue I had was the huge screen meant the whole cinema would light up – and it really emphasised the fire exit signs.

This is a great element to their health and safety efforts – but not the best for watching a film.

Seats in the Screen X cinema can slightly recline which makes for comfortable viewing. However, any slight movement forward and the back of the chair pings right up – sitting you to attention.

The people behind are also very close – which made for a lot of kicks to the back of my seat.

You could say this added to the immersion experience – I was being ‘attacked’ at the same time as Bond.

One of the first lines he utters is, “we have all the time in the world.”

This is very accurate as the movie is an impressive 2hours and 43minutes long.

Despite this, I was glued to my (kicked) seat for the duration.

Cineworld in Wolverhampton
Cineworld in Wolverhampton

You of course have the clichés of every bond movie – the gorgeous girl, martinis and seemingly trained assassins being terrible shots.

I found myself watching Bond race up some steps and my first thought was, ‘I would definitely need a cup of tea and sit down after that.’

But Daniel Craig – he made it look effortless.

Other cast members shone through too – Rami Malek was fantastic. The only issue I have with his character is the fact that he is a scarred villain, something disability campaigners are fighting to stop.

Lea Seydoux and Lashana Lynch offer up excellent performances – as does Ralph Fiennes. But the millennial in me will always see him as Voldemort no matter how much I try to change that.

All in all, the move is a must watch – and returning to the cinema after lockdown is the perfect setting in which to do so.

Screen X was a great experience, but as a personal preference, IMAX will always be my favourite.

Cineworld in Wolverhampton has had an impressive facelift and is worth a visit.

It even has a Starbucks in it to satisfy your pumpkin spice cravings as you watch Daniel Craig race around dodging bullets for the last time.

I was told that there was an extra ‘bit’ at the end of the credits which I stayed for. If you’re in the same boat then don’t bother. Aside from getting some extra time on the comfy chairs, all on offer is a bit of text – something easily googled afterwards.

After the movie I have been left wondering who will play Bond next? Some big names have been thrown into the mix including Brigerton’s Rege-Jean Page, Sam Heughan, and Henry Cavill.

Who do you think should play the gentleman spy? Let us know in the comments.

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