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Roblox: What is the Bakugan Launch Party, how to join and claim free rewards

After several virtual events including the premiere of Lil Nas X’s song last year and Zara Larsson’s in-game concert this year, Roblox is preparing for an all-new experience by expanding into full-length television events.

For the first time in the game’s history, Roblox will air an entire episode of popular anime Bakugan: Geogan Rising in what is set to be its longest in-game viewing experience to date, with the episode lasting around 22 minutes.

But there’s more, because in addition to Episode 317 of Bakugan premiering on Roblox one week before it airs on Netflix, players can also try out mini-games and earn several different rewards through in-game event Bakugan Launch Party.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Roblox’s new expansion.

What is the Bakugan Launch Party?

Similar to other virtual events in Roblox where players could earn cosmetic items to wear on their Avatar through mini-games, Bakugan Launch Party offers players a chance to enjoy daily game rewards for free as well as purchase exclusive merch.

Join the Bakugan Launch Party which starts today, September 6, to get the full Bakugan experience on Roblox.

What rewards do players earn during event?

Once you join the Launch Party, you will be able to play several games to earn free rewards including a free in-game Dan Kouzo avatar, a customizable CUBBO and a mini DRAGO companion that can be carried on your Avatar’s shoulder.

In addition, you can complete an obstacle race in Bakugan Runner and will also have a chance to claim daily merchandise from the event.

When can we watch the new episode of Bakugan on Roblox?

Players can exclusively watch a new episode of Bakugan Geogan Rising starting on September 8 at 3pm EST.

Like other Roblox events, players will gather in a virtual hub where the episode will air on a screen. During the event players can also move around the area, express emotes, and interact with each other within the virtual space.

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