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Scots noodle bar manager stole £50k from shop and kept arrest secret

A former noodle takeaway manager admitted embezzling nearly £50,000 and keeping her arrest secret from her family.

Jade Gibson admitted helping herself to £47,000 while she was working as manager of the Dundee branch of a fast food bar chain.

A warrant was issued for Gibson’s arrest earlier this week after she failed to turn up for court and she was arrested on Thursday and appeared from custody on Friday.

Dundee Sheriff Court was told that Gibson had kept the crime hidden from her “respectable” family for more than three years as she continually avoided court appearances.

However, after spending a night behind bars, Gibson, 29, finally admitted stealing £47,000 while she was in charge of the Dr Noodles store.

Solicitor Jim Laverty, defending, told the court: “This case has had a protracted history. It is patently clear that matters have recently somewhat got the better of Miss Gibson.

“She had not told her family anything in relation to these proceedings because she was ashamed of the whole facts and circumstances.

“She comes from a family who have had no interaction at all with the authorities and she is very ashamed of what she has done.”

Mr Laverty said Gibson had posted worrying messages on social media about what she planned to do and it was at the point that her family became aware of the background.

“It was only after her family were advised of her status that she made her father aware of her circumstances and the rather drastic action she was intending carrying through.

“Her family are most supportive and continue to support her. This is a serious matter. It was a breach of trust and involves a not insubstantial sum of money.”

Gibson, Shetland Place, Kirkcaldy, admitted embezzling £47,000 from Dr Noodles in the city’s Nethergate between 3 May 2016 and 14 February 2018, while she was employed as manager.

She was originally charged with embezzling £62,363.85, but the Crown accepted her guilty plea to the reduced figure.

Sheriff Richard MacFarlane deferred sentence for reports and said: “A picture has emerged that you were putting your head in the sand.

“You are here as a result of me issuing a warrant for your arrest earlier this week. You accept you embezzled money from your former employer.

“The experience of being lifted on a warrant is no doubt one that will make you think twice about not turning up for court again.” He freed Gibson on bail.

Gibson had failed to turn up during 17 callings of her case until Sheriff MacFarlane finally ran out of patience and issued a warrant on Tuesday.

Gibson’s case first called on 24 March last year and was put off on that occasion for Covid-related reasons. She did not appear when the case called again in May, August, October and November last year.

When she did not make a scheduled appearance on 23 March this year, the court was informed that she was unable to attend because she was self-isolating. She was said to still be isolating on 6 April.

On 20 April the case was continued for her personal appearance, but by 25 May she was again said to be in Covid-related isolation. The case called – again without Gibson present – 15, 22 and 29 June and on 20 July.

By the time the case called on 27 July Gibson was said to be back in isolation and she again failed to turn up on 3 August.

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