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Scots schoolkids set to receive free flu vaccine from Monday

Scottish school children will start receiving their flu vaccine as of Monday as part of the country’s biggest ever flu immunisation programme.

Over four million people will be offered it this year.

Secondary school pupils are eligible for the first time ever.

All primary and secondary school kids will be offered the free vaccine which is given as a painless, nasal spray.

All primary and secondary school pupils will be offered the free vaccine

The programme will run until December 2021.

Public Health Minister Maree Todd said: “More people than ever are being offered the flu vaccine and we hope to see a large uptake amongst pupils as we aim to keep flu out of schools this year.

“If you’ve not missed the deadline for returning consent forms to your school, I’d urge you to complete and return these now.

“Last year with the public health measures that were in place, there was lower levels of flu than there has been in previous years so our immunity levels to flu may be lower this year.

“The vaccines are safe and the best way to help protect you, and others, from flu this winter.”

Scottish Government chiefs reminded Scots, ahead of the rollout, that the flu vaccine cannot give someone the flu but it can stop them catching it.

The Covid-19 jab does not offer any protection from the flu.

For a small number of Scots, the nasal spray might not be suitable.

Those exceptions will receive the vaccine via an injection in the arm instead.

For more information about the flu vaccine, visit Scottish Government website, call 0800 030 8013, or speak to a health or immunisation team, practice nurse, or GP.

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