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Secret bunker hiding millions of drugs found on popular beach

A farmer’s simple throw of a stone led police to uncover a massive drug smuggling operation and one of the most wanted drug runners in the world.

A hidden bunker, huge drugs haul and a Scandanavian criminal mastermind nicknamed ‘the man with the rubber face’ for his ability to change his appearance to evade police – it could be something out of a James Bond movie.

But this is Operation Seal Bay, a police investigation that foiled a drug smuggling ring, as reported by the Wales Online.

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In the summer of 1983, police started to become suspicious when a number of unknown men started appearing at various spots along the small area of coastline between the villages of Dinas Cross and Moylgrove in north Pembrokeshire.

This led them to the tiny cove south of Ceibwr Bay, where nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until a local farmer accompanying them on the search threw a pebble. The stone made a hollow sound as it made contact with the cliffs, arousing the interest of police officers at the scene.

Underneath a mound of pebbles, they found a watertight hatch, and underneath that, they found a hidden cave, complete with wooden beams and fibreglass to protect the insides from the elements.

The secret bunker was hidden on the coastline

Shortly afterwards, police on patrol in the area saw a hiker walking down a lane. The man discarded the rucksack on his back and ran across a field next to the coast. Inside the rucksack was a high-powered radio, which only became active when it received a unique signal.

It turns out that it was being used as part of a huge drug smuggling operation run by a 35-year-old called Soeren Berg-Arnback, a Danish millionaire who was in fact one of the most wanted drug runners in the world.

An expert in disguise, Berg-Arnback had been on the run for eleven years, and had managed to evade capture due to his ability to change his appearance.

In his native Denmark, journalists had given him the nickname, ‘the man with the rubber face’.

International drug runner Soeren Berg-Arnback, from Denmark, in his many disguises
International drug runner Soeren Berg-Arnback, from Denmark, in his many disguises

The cave, as it turned out, had been secretly created with the intention of housing tonnes of cannabis worth millions of pounds.

Members of the drug ring were jailed in 1984, including Berg-Arnback, who was using the name Sam Spangaard during his brief period of living amongst the locals of west Wales.

BBC journalist Bob Humphrys, who died at the age of 56, reported on the court case and wrote about Berg-Arnback in his autobiography Not A Proper Journalist.

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Mr Humphys wrote: “The multi-millionaire narco-gangster thrilled Denmark’s popular press as they breathlessly wrote about him, his cash and his yacht Crocodile, which was almost identical to the Danish Royal Yacht, except, of course, slightly larger.

“A picture of him, handcuffed to a Welsh policeman, had the country’s most widely read newspaper proudly stamping ‘Made in Denmark’ on his white T-shirt.

“This was a Viking Jesse James, with huge reserves of ill-gotten cash. All that knowledge was almost completely denied to the judge and his jury at Swansea Crown Court.”

Berg-Arnback was sentenced to eight years behind bars for conspiring to smuggle drugs into west Wales, but his whereabouts since his release are something of mystery.

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