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Strictly Come Dancing fans concerned for Rose Ayling-Ellis after ‘odd’ choice

Strictly Come Dancing fans are concerned for Rose Ayling-Ellis’ place in the competition after criticising an “odd” choice during her dance this week.

The EastEnders actress was back on the floor for a Pasodoble with professional dancing partner Giovanni Pernice for week 10 of the hit BBC dancing show.

But while fans loved the dance, they didn’t agree with the music choice at all.

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While most of the judges praised the performance, Craig said it was “stiff”.

“For me there was too much forward and back, forward and back…it was a little bit repetitive,” he added.

Judges scored the performance 33 out of 40 – leaving fans concerned for her spot in the competition.

A concerned Elliot Gonzalez wrote on Twitter: “After that score… VOTE VOTE VOTE for Rose & Giovanni. They’re not safe. #Strictly”

But for most people it was the music choice that had them worried for Rose.

Craig said: “California Dreaming perhaps during an earthquake? Liked the Paso but odd music choice #Strictly”

Beth wrote: “That music was awful. What has California Dreaming got to do with a paso? Dance 10 Music 0 #strictly”

Stuart Rowland added: “Paso to California dreaming. Every week wrong music to the wrong dance. #Strictly”

Stefanie asked: “that music choice was… odd? i love them, but this wasn’t their best i’m afraid #strictly”

Michelle (Michy) said: “I liked it, but not sure on the music choice #Strictly”

Michael Newbury asked: “What is so wrong about using traditional music for a dance that’s so anchored in a specific culture? Weird choice of song outside of the Paso vibe too. #Strictly”

Adele Smith added: “#Strictly Odd music choice for me. Why not use classic Spanish music – adds to the overall feel.”

Huriye wrote: “Loved the Paso HATED THE MUSIC! Who chose it for Paso Doble? #strictly”

And Tanya Smith said: “#strictly What could have been an amazing Paso let down by the music choice. Traditional music for Pasos, ATs etc will always be best!”

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