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The secret cheap Asda petrol station right next to the M5

With petrol prices soaring, especially along the M5, local insider secrets on the cheapest places to buy fuel can be an easy moneysaver.

If you are heading along the M5 from West Bromwich towards Bromsgrove and Worcester and beyond, there’s a handy tip for motorists on where to fill up for less.

While service stations on the motorway at the Moto Frankley Services and Strensham, near Worcester, are at least 152.9p a litre for unleaded petrol, there is a fuel stop that is right next to Junction 2 of the M5 that will save drivers pounds.

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The Asda Oldbury superstore has a rear entrance for its petrol station that is closer to the M5 than even some of the service stations on the busy motorway.

Drivers leaving at Junction 2 from both northbound or southbound carriageways can turn directly from the motorway exit roundabout into Asda and fill up for 141.7p per litre this week(as of November 22).

That’s over 11p a litre cheaper than the next motorway service station – less than five miles away – at Frankley, which is between Junction 3 for Birmingham and Junction 4 for Bromsgrove.

Asda Oldbury petrol prices were at 141.7p for the week of November 22, 11p cheaper than Frankley Services

Petrol prices have soared in the past month and in Birmingham city centre, the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol or diesel went above 150p per litre for the first time at two garages inside the Clean Air Zone.

The Esso garage at Holloway Head – in between Bath Row and Pagoda Island – and the Shell Garage half a mile away on Bath Row’s corner with Bishopsgate Street are selling petrol at inflated prices most commonly seen at motorway services.

The secret cheap Asda petrol station right next to the M5
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The current hike in prices nationally has been blamed on wholesale price increases caused by global factors.

It is a stark contrast to March last year when fuel prices were below a pound at 99.7p per litre following Boris Johnson’s ‘lockdown’ speech on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Prices were then 20 per cent lower than they were prior to Christmas 2019, but less people were using cars due to the lockdown restrictions.

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