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Troy Deeney set to complete emotional Birmingham City transfer

Troy Deeney’s emotional transfer to Birmingham City is on the verge of being completed.

The experienced striker’s departure from Watford was confirmed earlier today and the 33-year-old is set to sign a two-year deal – with the option of an extra year – with the club he has supported since childhood.

The signing of Deeney would give Blues a big lift following a troubled start to the season off the pitch, although the team has made a good start on it and sit eighth in the Championship.

Speaking about Deeney over the weekend, Lee Bowyer said: “All I would say is Troy is a good player. He is a good player, he is a good striker, scores goals and works hard for his team.”

On his departure from Watford, Deeney said: “It’s weird being asked to express my feelings on my life at Watford Football Club and the emotions I feel about leaving a club so important to me.

“I feel sadness and loss, almost like a close family member has just died. I feel excitement about my new journey and the rest of my life.

“The Watford family redeemed me and helped get me back on track when I was at my lowest ebb.

“Watford is a small part of planet earth but for some of the most turbulent years of my life it was the centre of my universe and I couldn’t have wished for better supporters holding me up and I have been truly honoured to be the captain of that club and the fans’ representative on the pitch.

“While there is always some frustration when a great journey comes to an end, that will quickly pass and what will remain are great memories that will become the pillars of my life from now on.

“Last but certainly not least to the fans – you have been amazing and I can’t say anything less than I love you guys from bottom of my heart.

“You’ve taken me into your hearts and I can never repay you. This is now my club forever and I hope you know I left everything on the pitch.”

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