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Tyrone Mings does not agree with Arsene Wenger World Cup plan

Tyrone Mings does not agree with Arsene Wenger World Cup plan

Aston Villa captain Tyrone Mings says he is opposed to the idea of the World Cup taking place every two years.

Mings admitted that he is “certainly not in favour” of the proposed plans for a biennial World Cup which are being touted by FIFA.

The England international is one of the first current professional players to speak out against the plans, which are thought to have been put forward by FIFA’s head of global development, Arsene Wenger.

Given everything that has happened in the world over the past 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Villa defender Mings feels that the time isn’t right for the conversation.

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“I’m certainly not in favour it,” he said. “You might find people are a little bit more receptive of it if the schedule wasn’t so congested at the moment,” Mings told Joe.

“We’re recovering from how tough and demanding the last 18 months have been. Not only on everybody in terms of Covid and lockdowns and vaccinations and actual ill-effects from the illness, but obviously the football schedule has been relentless.

“We’ve barely had a break with the Euros. And then, obviously we have the football season now – with a short break – start of the season, then the World Cup.

“Everybody else in business or in the world is currently in recovery mode, aren’t they? Whether they’ve lost money through Covid or had to furlough people, sack people… but it feels football is in full-on expansion mode in terms of the Super League and the World Cup every two years.”

Asked whether he felt that football’s administrators had considered the impact that an increased schedule would have on the wellbeing of players, Mings replied: “Football just always seems to be 100 miles an hour, and without taking stock of players’ bodies.

“Now, I’m fully aware that players’ bodies certainly come secondary to the finances of football, because they’ll always find players to play the game.

“So, regardless of how it goes down, who is actually on the pitch… doesn’t actually make that much of a difference I don’t think to the decision-makers of the game.”

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