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Walkers Crisps under fire over controversial change to multipacks

Walkers Crisps are under fire – over a controversial change to its multipacks.

The crisp giant, which makes its savoury snacks in the Midlands, has sparked fury.

Reports this weekend say customers are angry after the amount of packs in a multipack bag have been slashed.

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There are now just 22 – rather than the old number of 24.

But the price has stayed the same at £3.50.

A consumer expert has warned shoppers feel “short-changed”.

MoneySavingExpert’s Oli Townsend told the Sun : “When products get smaller but prices stay the same, shoppers rightly feel short-changed.

“If your favourite brand has got smaller but the price hasn’t, consider ‘downshifting’ by dropping one brand level from your usual choice — if you can’t tell the difference, stick with the cheaper one.”

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Earlier this year, a study of 2,000 adults found 87 per cent feel products they buy seem smaller than they were years ago, with 83 per cent noticing the difference in their favourite chocolates the most.

A spokesperson for Lottoland’s Lotto x5, which offers the chance to win five jackpots of £1 million for every £1 spent, said: “Understandably, everyone wants value for money, and it seems with shrinkflation taking hold, we get less and less for the pound in our pocket.

“In most cases, we are being asked to pay the same if not more money for so many things, and yet what we’re actually getting is smaller all the time.

“This research clearly shows that Brits aren’t happy about ‘shrinkflation’, and most of us just want the reassurance that our favourite purchases will stay exactly as they are.”

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