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Warning issued to every parent who has a child at school and elderly relative

A new warning has been issued to every parent over a supposed fourth wave of Covid which is threatening to begin.

Cases are creeping up in schools, which opened at the beginning of this month.

The latest Covid ZOE Symptom Study suggests people should be cautious and stay vigilant over the risks of the bug.

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Professor Tim Spector warned: “We’re seeing around 58,000 cases per day now, 14,300 of those have been fully vaccinated.

“The original peaks we had earlier in the summer were coming from young people in their 20s which has come down now.

“The last three weeks we’ve really been seeing this increase in the kids, in 0-18 year-olds.”

Prof Spector continued: “Many of them may well be the parents who are mixing with these infected kids. I think this is likely to be a driving infection source for the next few weeks.

“We have seen this before – if you remember last September when schools went back we saw a big surge in colds and Covid in kids, and that did translate to increases in parents.

“The only good news here is we are not seeing changes so far in elderly. The over 50-year-olds haven’t really moved at all and they’d be the main source of hospitalisations.

“But I think everyone is expecting the effect of Freshers week, with universities going back, and kids of the 18-21 group fuelling some more infections.

“The lesson here is, this is where we will be seeing the problem for the next few weeks – in the 30 to 50 year-old age groups.

“So if you’ve got kids at school, do be a bit careful about mixing, particularly with vulnerable or elderly relatives for the next couple of weeks.

“As the winter approaches, it’s important parents of school-aged children and students don’t pass the virus on to more vulnerable grandparents by not recognising simple cold-like symptoms as a possible Covid infection.

“This is a critical time and a little caution could make all the difference in avoiding a winter crisis for hospitals.”

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