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Watch as brazen van driver smashes into BMW then flees scene

This is the moment a careless van driver smashes into the side of a BMW sports car in Birmingham then drives off without stopping.

The incident took place in Kings Road in Sutton Coldfield, near to the Beggars Bush junction in New Oscott, shortly before 11.30pm on Sunday, October 10.

A white flat-bed truck is seen driving along the road at 11.22am and then scrapes along the side of a black BMW 3 Series 335i sports saloon parked at the side of the road. The van driver then heads off towards Sutton.

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The BMW’s owner, Kierre Shelton, said he heard a ‘loud bang’ which sounded like ‘an earthquake’ and ran outside but the van driver did not stop. At the point of impact, a fox watching in a garden as vehicles go by, suddenly scarpers away.

The truck damaged the front wing, both alloy wheels, the door, bumper and behind the door – the whole of the driver’s side.

Kierre from Stourbridge, who was visiting a friend in Sutton, said he was more angry that the van driver drove off than the damage caused.

The incident involving a van and a stationary BMW 3 Series in Kings Road Sutton Coldfield caused damage all along the driver’s side of the vehicle

The 26-year-old said: “I heard it happen.

“We heard a loud bang as we were in the bathroom in the back of the house at the time.

“It sounded like an earthquake. The car alarm was going off.

“Because the damage was the other side, I didn’t realise my car had been hit at first.

“Three different neighbours came out and I shouted out to them ‘did you hear that loud noise – was it an earthquake?’ They said ‘is that your car? It’s been written off’.”

The crash caused a significant amount of damage to the driver's side of the BMW all along the side
The crash caused a significant amount of damage to the driver’s side of the BMW all along the side

He continued: “A neighbour of my friend had the video footage but you can’t see the licence plate.

“From the car alarm sounding and the bang I knew it was quite a bad incident.

“The neighbours drove around to see if they could find the van.

“The sad thing is they didn’t stop. There could have been someone in the car.”

Kierre said he was not able to go to work on Monday and his kids were late for school.

“From all the damage I think my car is going to be a write off,” he said

“It’s more of a thing that they should have stopped. Not that they hit the car. They have not even cared. Insurance is there for a reason. The fact they have not stopped and could have stopped and settled it.

“I called 999 and the police told me to go through my insurance.

“I didn’t get to sleep until 3am after that. I will contact the insurance company and call the police on 101.”

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